Credit Card Knife – The Invisible Weapon

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As the name suggests, this type assumes the size and shape of a credit card. This is one of the main reasons why the it has become so popular.

With just a few folding operations, it can be transformed into an elegant pocket utility tool (weapon) disguised as a credit card, which is lighter and slimmer than typical folding knives.

Apart from the size and shape, the credit card knife has other interesting features i.e. a long stainless steel blade, which ensures longer lasting rust-free sharpness.

It also features a super-light polypropylene body, which has an inbuilt protective sheath for preventing injury and blunting.

On TOP of that, it has a unique safety lock which prevents it from opening while in storage. This unique feature makes it child proof, which is a very important safety feature lacking in many other types in the market.

In regards to use, CCK is very versatile.

Credit Card KnifeAccording to hundreds of customer reviews, the credit card knife is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

It is undoubtedly the best version of a safe, small-sized, super sharp, super-light pocket knives.

In general, pocket knives come in handy in a variety of situations. Whether you are in the office, at home or on holiday, you can’t miss tasks that can be handled perfectly with it.

This explains it has become very popular accessories for individuals.

It is however important to note that most pocket knives in the market are ineffective in one way or the other i.e. they can’t double up as survival knives and every day carry knives.

The few that are effective in all settings are usually very expensive.

Therefore, below you will find an in depth credit card knife review in regards to features to help you understand why this particular type stands out from many other knives in the market today.

8 Reasons Why Credit Card Knife Can Be Your Best Choice

1. Lightweight: The weight of the CCK is one of the main reasons why many people prefer this type over many other.

Typical pocket knives would weighs approximately 150 grams. The credit card knife weighs over 10 times less i.e. 13 grams. Pocket knives with similar blade sizes weigh approximately 85 grams. Even if you look on the smallest Swiss army pen knives – they weighs approximately 23 grams.

From the above information, it is clear that the credit card knife is the lightest of them all. This gives it an outright advantage over all the other because weight is one of the most important factors to consider.

2. Ultra-thin: It is not only lightweight but also ultra-thin. Measuring just 2.2 mm in thickness, the credit card knife can easily qualify as the thinnest available today. This feature makes it extremely portable.

3. Razor sharp: CCK also has a surgical blade with an extra long cutting edge (65 mm), which ensure long lasting sharpness. Its blade has a very good sharpness status and life.

Typical pocket knives have blade edges that are only 25 mm long. The blade is also made using high quality stainless steel, which is rust free.

4. Safety: The credit card knife also leads the pack in terms of safety. As mentioned above, the blade edge features a protective sheath, which avoids accidents as well as blunting.

It also has a safety lock which restricts it from opening in storage. This safety lock helps to avoid injuries by making the credit card knife tamper proof and childproof.

It is also worth noting that it can’t fold accidentally as is the case with most other type of pocket knives in the market. The blade is locked perfectly in cutting mode, which eliminates blade tremor and allows accurate precision cutting.

5. Waterproof: The credit card knife is also waterproof i.e. there are no hinged parts which as susceptible to rust like typical folding knives.

This makes the it long lasting and safe to use for a variety of operations. The waterproof aspect also makes the it machine washable.

6. Eco friendly: It is eco-friendly. The knife’s flatness and lightness reduce storage as well as shipping costs and the carbon footprint.

It is made with a simple 2-part construction process with automated assembly, which saves manufacturing waste.

7. Permutability: CCK is also suitable for invisible label or pad printing customization, which can be printed using 1-4 color lithographic.

It is also possible to have custom laser engraving done on the blade. You only need to place a promotion inquiry to have a credit card knife made according to your specific requirements.

8. Legal: In regards to legality, the blade is under 76 mm or 3 inches. The blade is also visible when closed making it easily identifiable as a knife.

It is in fact possible to get a clear body version of the credit card knives showing the blade from all/both sides. This makes it legal to carry around in most countries like the U.S.

It is however important to note that legal restrictions may vary from one country to another.

Think About This…

From the above information, it is clear why the credit card knife is your best choice when it comes to a perfect pocket knife. It is lightweight, sharp, childproof and effective. It is invisible in your pocket. It can protect you and be very useful in many survival type of situations.

It will score all the credit points in your list, when choosing the best of the best.

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