How To Select The Best Pocket Knife

Within next few minutes you are going to discover 5 things to consider when shopping for the best pocket knife.

But, let me start with basics… (you can skip this part if you are on a hurry)

Since typical pocket is usually too small to fit a regular knife, most knives today feature folding designs which allow you to have a regular sized knife that can fit in your pocket.

It is very important to note that size is just one important factor to consider when searching for the best pocket knife.

There are many other elements, things like – intended use, handle material, blade material, price etc.

For instance, a knife should fit ‘invisibly’ in your pocket and still be able to handle all your intended tasks.

Best Pocket KnifeSo, this article will cover 5 key elements to make sure you can find the best pocket knife for your needs.

Let’s Talk About Intended Use

The most important factor for you to consider before buying anything is the purpose of it. It is important to recognize that different people need knives for different reasons.

The best pocket knife for you must be able to perform all your intended functions. You must therefore take time to identify what is going to be the best important thing you will use this knife for.

Let me give you a few suggestions… to trigger your thoughts…

  • #1 Survival,
  • #2 Self defense,
  • #3 Light duty
  • #4 Every day carry.

Pocket knives intended for survival are useful for people who travel often to remote areas.

If you fit such a description, you need a pen knife as a survival tool. Such a knife should be reliable and robust.
If you need one with you full time, you need a pocket knife for every day carry. You must therefore consider factors such as weight and size as the key for your choice (your pocket is limited size after all).

You also need to consider factors such as legality because you might get into problems carrying a knife everywhere.

The everyday carry pocket knife also needs to be durable and reliable with a good deployment and locking mechanism.

Light duty pocket knives are knives used for general purposes i.e. occasional camping, around the house etc.

Light duty pocket knives are the most flexible. These knives satisfy a wide range of uses. You don’t have to think too much about factors like size and weight when choosing this kind of pocket knife because you only need to carry it with you when you really are a need for it.

This is the last intended use to consider. In rare cases, some people might be forced to carry a knife for self defense purposes i.e. protecting yourself in case you are attacked by a person or a wild animal.

In such cases, you need a pocket knife that is able to do the most damage with the least effort.

Buying the best pocket knife for self defense purposes is however discouraged for untrained persons.

Deployment and locking mechanism

Once you have identified your intended use, you can now consider the key features.

Different knives have different features depending on their intended use. One of the most important features to consider is the deployment and locking mechanism.

As mentioned above, many pocket knives are designed to disguise the blade as well as reduce the overall size of the knife. The best pocket knife will feature a deployment and locking mechanism that is fast, easy and comfortable to use. Because there are very many deployment and locking mechanisms, you should take time to choose a mechanism that works for you.

You should also consider safety when making your final decision about the best pocket knife.

Blade material, shape and edge

The blade is the most important part of any knife. This explains why you need to consider the most important aspects of your knife blade if you are keen on buying the best pocket knife for you.

Unless you are looking for a pricey possession, there is absolutely no need for you to waste your money buying a pocket knife with an exotic blade.

The typical steel blade works exceptionally well. The blade shape is also an important consideration. The blade shape you settle for should be guided by the intended use for a pocket knife. Unless your intended use is highly specialized, the typical straight or slightly curved pocket knife blade will work perfectly.

In regard to the edge, pocket knives are usually serrated or plain (non-serrated). Like the blade shape, the best pocket knife blade edge should be guided by your intended use.

Unless you want a highly specialized pocket knife, a plain blade works great.

Handle material

You must also consider the handle material if you want to buy the best pocket knife. Pocket knife handles are usually made of wood, titanium, bone or aluminum.

All of these materials have their own advantages. It is therefore a matter of personal preferences i.e. the feel and attractiveness that dictate which pocket knife handle material is the best for you.

You should also consider other factors like weight, chemical resistance and durability to ensure you end up with the best pocket knife in regards to handle material.

Finally, It’s the Price

Without a doubt price is going to make a difference for your choice.

There is absolutely no need to waste your money on something you can’t afford. Although pocket knives are usually cheap, you must consider settling for a pocket knife that falls within your budget range.

The price must also match the quality of the knife you are getting. It is important to note that there are very many overpriced low quality pocket knives in the market today.

You shouldn’t therefore assume that you are getting a high quality one just because you have paid a lot of money for it. In summary, you must get value for your money otherwise you won’t end up with the best pocket knife.

What’s Next?

I hope this article will help you to choose the best pocket knife for your needs. To help you even more, below I included the link to our #1 choice. Make sure you check it out, it is by far the best on the market and it perfectly fits into your pocket – any occasion.

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