Folding Knives – 5 Things To Consider When Buying

Folding KnivesFolding knives, also known as jack or pocket knives, are very important tools in our daily life. Irrespective of whether you want to go camping or just need to pare things while on the move, this type of knife can be convenient item to carry around.

When it comes to buying folding knives, there is a great deal of choice at your disposal. In order to choose the best folding knife, it is important to consider several factors.

Some of these factors include things like lock mechanism, the style and blade point among other things.

In this article, we give you the ultimate folding knife buying guide so that you purchase something that meets all your needs.

Consider A Folding Knife Style

The first thing that you need to consider is the blade length. This is in turn guided by your purpose for a knife.

The vast majority of these folding knives will have blades that measure between 2 and 6 inches long. If your intention is to buy a simple one for normal everyday tasks, then the best option would be to opt for the standard folding knife.

This features 2-3 blades that can be 2-3 inches long. You can use these  to cut envelopes or pry open product packaging or even to slice an apple.

One good thing about multi-blade knives is that they have few blade options that you can choose from. This of course depends on your specific needs.

On the other hand, if you want a blade that you can use outdoors especially for heavy duty assignments, single-blade larger folding knives are your best bet.

These normally have blades that are larger and also serrated. There is also the option of partially serrated blade. In this type, one end of the blade nearest to the handle is serrated while the other end has a straight edge that you can use for slicing.

Another option is plain-edge single-blade folding knife and this is great for self-defense or slicing.

A lot of folding knives have locking mechanisms. This feature adds more stability as well as safety for the users of these knives.

The locking liners contain a liner in which a folding knife blade is locked into place upon being opened. When folding it, one will require moving this liner with their finger to one side, and in the process letting the dagger to fold.

Automatic knives with frame lock designs hold the open blade securely by using spring-loaded handles. Lock Back knives, on the other hand, contain the type of locking arm running from handle’s butt up into the blade’s back, and in the process, hook it just behind pivot point.

Still on the locking mechanism, there are knives with mid lock. These are essentially similar to lock back types, the only difference being that their release point is located in the middle section of the handle.

Consider the blade point

Normal standard point – This knife has a straight and dull back that lets a user push on the rear part of the sharp edge for added force. It is the best if you want a folding knife for cutting, thrusting and chopping.

Drop point – This is what you most likely will find in utility and hunting knives.

Tanto point – This blade point was created by Japanese so that it could be sued for piercing armor. These blades are mostly used in rescue and fighting knives.

Trailing point – The blade point is characteristic of fillet, skinning and hunting knives. It is situated just above the spine of the knife, meaning that the knife has a large belly. It is great for slashing and slicing.

There are other types that you may need to consider, and they include spear point, hawkbill point, shapefoot point, spey point, and slight trailing point among others.

The Blade Material

Manufacturers of tactical folding knives use different types of steels. You want one that can resist rust, maintain their edge after being used and also one that can be sharpened easily.

The importance of steel strength as well as hardness is that they help in avoiding stress and permanent deformation on the blade. But just like is the case with most other products, you will get the quality of blade that you pay for.

If you want one to use for heavy cutting and your budget allows it, then you should invest in a blade of high quality even if it is expensive. It is important to consider what your intentions for the knife are as well as if your budget allows it before you pick the blade material.

The blade material for folding knives can be categorized as economical (very affordable), mid range better and the best.

Handle Material

With regard to handle material, there are several size, style as well as material options that folding knife users can choose from.

If you plan on collecting the dagger versus using it, handle appearance will be of great significance. In case you intend to use your knife for cutting, you need to ensure that it fits snugly in your hand. This not only prevents slipping but also offers added control.

For the penny pinching guys, the best thing would be to go for plastic or rubber handles. Although these are affordable, they are not very durable.

However, if you require tough handle for your tasks, you would be better off with a Kydex or a G-10 because either of these offer great liability.

Majority of folding knives do have finger grooves to offer extra control.

Although materials such as leather, wood, bone and Mother of Pearl can add beauty appeal to a knife, these materials are not among most durable ones and can wear out over time or break.

With carbon handles, you not only get a strong handle but one that also has aesthetic appeal. Kydex and rubber handles may be affordable but they are not scratch resistant. However, rubber handles are known for their great grip even in slick conditions.

Plastic handles are the best when it comes to affordability, but they are greatly lacking in durability.

If you care about weight of the handle, then nothing can get lighter than aluminum or Zytel. G-10 is the perfect choice for people who want ‘All Star’.

This is because it is incredibly robust, moisture-resistant and also very reliable.

The bottom line is this…

Choosing the right folding knife requires quite a bit of research and firstly in your own needs.

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