Survival Knives – How To Select The Best For Your Needs

Survival knives can be one of the best and most important tools you can use on a camping trip, backpacking, hiking or general stroll through the wilderness.

Survival knives are available in a lot of different colors, sizes, brands and designs.

Survival Knives

In recent years, survival pocket knives and survival combat knives have been extremely popular. Which is why – due to different options, it can be quite hard to choose the best survival knife.

In this short article, you will find various factors to consider when shopping for a survival knives.

Origin of Survival Knives (just a little bit)

Survival knives were invented by Webster L. Marble around the turn of the 19th century. He was the one to introduce the modern concepts associated with hunting knives.

These knives had very heavy pommels and blades. They were quite similar to Bowie Knives. These knives from the early-era were mostly used by military personnel, hunters and explorers.

During World War II, military survival knives were assigned to many military personnel and aircraft crew. Many companies started producing these knives, and hence, they became extremely popular among the masses.

In the modern world, these knives are casually owned by many people who considered themselves to be survivalists. In fact, now almost everyone needs a knife for the emergency situations.

Common Uses of a Survival Knife 

Here are some common uses of a survival knife :

Hunting – from setting a basic snare in a trap to skinning dead animals, a survival knife can be the perfect tool for every hunter.

These knives can even act as a last defense if you ever come across a mountain lion or renegade bear.

Wood cutting – most of these knives are quite tough and sturdy. Therefore, you can use them to slice through some medium-sized logs.

They’re also refined enough to slay timber for kindling. This makes a survival knife an ideal tool for starting a good campfire.

Slicing cords, rope or bandages – In case you need to set up a shelter or use a cord or rope for some other purpose, a survival knife can be the perfect tool. It’s also a good piece of equipment for properly cutting bandages if you’ve been injured.

Making tools – If you’re attempting to construct an arrow, spear or some other kind of hunting tools, a survival knife can help you accomplish this task.

Navigating or cutting a path – Whether you’re slicing through a nearby national forest or bushwhacking through a simple jungle terrain, a survival knife can help you clear the path.

Some Important Factors to Consider When Shopping For Survival Knives 

While buying a survival knife, you need to consider some important factors. Some of these have been discussed below:

Weight – The weight of a good survival knife is always balanced. It should be able to assist you with various tasks mentioned above.

However, it should not be too heavy to carry around. Most of the time, a one-pound survival knife is considered to be perfect.

Although most people think heavy knives are much better, they can easily make you feel tired.

Tang – Tang is the particular part of the blade which is not very sharp. A tang extends into the handle. It is very important that your survival knife has a fixed blade.

Moreover, it should also have a full tang. A full tang always indicates that the handle and blade have been constructed from a single piece of metal.

Grips or scales should also be properly attached to the handle part of the knife for a comfortable grip.

In addition to this, a full tang knife is more robust than partial tang styles, like push tang, half tang, rat tail tang and so on. The standard profile of a full tang survival knife is way more substantial and stable than a half tang survival knife.

Over a period of time, partial or half tang survival knife blades can easily loosen and develop problems in the handle. Most of the time, this happens when you need to indulge in demanding tasks like prying, batoning or chopping.

In case a half tang blade loosens from the handle, it can be quite hard and even dangerous. On the other hand, a full tang survival knife blade can be very functional even when the scales come off. You can even wrap it with cordage for extra grip and comfort.

Most people don’t realize, but there’s no benefit in using a half tang blade over a full tang survival knife. It is always more difficult to break a piece of continuous metal.

A good way to choose a full tang survival knife is to look carefully for the metal tang placed between the survival knife’s scales. However, it is important to understand that not every full tang survival knife blade has an exposed tang. Thus, you need to look for an expert’s opinion while buying.

Handle – while buying the best survival knife, you need to focus on handle too. It is always better to choose a knife with a comfortable grip. A sturdy and firm base will help you hold on to the handle firmly.

These days, you can choose from a lot of different materials. However, it is always important to choose a survival knife which feels comfortable in your hands.

Sheath – It is also very important to consider the sheath of a survival knife. When you’re in the wilderness, you can not trust a survival knife with a bad sheath.

A good survival knife needs to have a rugged sheath. It should cover your survival knife completely. You should always avoid buying survival knives with small sheaths. When a survival knife is completely covered with sheath, it will remain secured.

These were some of the most important factors you need to consider while buying the best survival knife.

If you keep these factors in mind, you will be able to make an informed choice.

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